Part Number : TAS5611A

Function : 125-W stereo, 250-W mono, analog input Class-D audio amplifier

Package : 64-Pin QFP Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Image :
TAS5611A datasheet

Description :

The TAS5611A is a high performance analog input Class D amplifier with integrated closed loop feedback technology (known as PurePath HD) with the ability to drive up to 125W Stereo into 4 to 8 Ohm Speakers from a single 32.5V supply.

PurePath HD technology enables traditional AB-Amplifier performance (<0.03% THD) levels while providing the power efficiency of traditional class D amplifiers.

Unlike traditional Class D amplifiers, the distortion curve only increases once the output levels move into clipping.


1. Signal Bandwidth up to 80kHz for High Frequency Content From HD Sources
2. Ultralow 0.03% THD at 1W into 4Ω
3. Flat THD at all Frequencies for Natural Sound
4. 80dB PSRR (BTL, No Input Signal)
5. >100dB (A weighted) SNR
6. Click and Pop Free Startup

Datasheet PDF Download :
TAS5611A pdf

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