Part Number : STW20NM60

Function : N-CHANNEL 600V - 0.26 OHM - 20A, POWER MOSFET

Package : D2Pak, TO-220, TO-247, I2Pak Type

Maker : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :
STW20NM60 datasheet


1. High dv/dt and avalanche capabilities
2. 100% avalanche tested
3. Low input capacitance and gate charge
4. Low gate input resistance


1. Switching applications


The MDmesh is a new revolutionary Power MOSFET technology that associates the multiple
drain process with the company’s PowerMESH horizontal layout. The resulting product has an
outstanding low on-resistance, impressively high dv/dt and excellent avalanche characteristics. The adoption of the company’s proprietary strip technique yields overall dynamic performance
that is significantly better than that of similar competition’s products.

Datasheet PDF Download :
STW20NM60 pdf

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