Part Number : SSD2828QN4

Function : Display Interface Controller / MIPI Master Bridge Chip / SSD2828

Package : QFN 68 Pin Type

Maker : Solomon Systech

Image :
SSD2828QN4 datasheet

Description :

The SSD2828QN4SSD2828 IC is an MIPI master bridge chip that connects an application processor with traditional parallel LCD interface and an LCD driver with MIPI slave interface. The 2828 supports up to 1Gbps per lane speed with maximum 4 lanes using both parallel RGB interface and serial SPI interface.


  • Support up to total of 4Gbps over the serial link
  • Support up to 4 data lanes
  • Number of signals is significantly reduced when compare to traditional RGB transfer
  • Support up to 1920 pixels per display row in Video mode, up to 60hz refresh rate
  • Support up to 2560 pixels per display row in Video mode, up to 30hz refresh rate
  • Reduce power consumption and decrease EMI by using low amplitude signal over differential pair for serial data.
  • Support parallel RGB interface (DPI 2.0) up to 24-bits
  • Support serial SPI interface (DBI 2.0) up to 16-bits

Datasheet PDF Download :
SSD2828QN4 pdf

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