Part Number : SM3257EN

Function : High Speed USB2.0 Flash Memory Controller

Pakcage : Available in LQFP, TQFP 64 48 Pin and QFN 40 Pin

Maker : SiliconMotion

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SM3257EN datasheet

Description :

The SM3257EN is a feature-enhanced USB2.0 Flash Disk controller with high compatibility and best performance designed to support MLC and TLC NAND flash. The controller also supports high speed ONFI 2.x and Toggle mode NAND. Compliant with USB version2.0 specification and USB Mass Storage Class version 1.0 specification, the SM3257EN provides write protect, PC boot-up from USB2.0 Flash Disk, password protection, secured partitioning functions, etc.


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1. Embedded crystal offers lower BOM cost

2. 1.8V low-power core operation

3. Built-in 5V/3.3V and 3.3V/1.8V voltage regulators

4. Complete compatibility with USB (Universal Serial Bus) Specification Rev. 2.0

5. Complies with USB Mass Storage Class Specification Rev. 1.0


6. USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Protocol

Datasheet PDF Download :
SM3257EN pdf

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