Part Number : SD6834

Function : Built-in high-voltage MOSFET current-mode PWM + PFM Controller Series

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Maker : Silan Microelectronics

Pinouts :
SD6834 datasheet

Description :

SD6834 is built for high-voltage MOSFET switching power supply external sense resistor.

The current mode PWM + PFM controller family.

The circuit is low standby power consumption, low starting current.

Block Diagram


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1. Energy Star 2.0 Standard

2. Low starting current (3μA)

3. Switching frequency that varies with load can improve efficiency

4. Dithered switching frequency can reduce EMI

5. Overvoltage, primary coil overcurrent, overload, overtemperature protection

6. External peak current sampling resistor

7. Undervoltage lockout

8. Internal integrated high voltage MOSFET

9. Automatic restart

10. Peak current compensation circuit

11. Initialize peak current maximum compensation to realize soft start function

12. Hiccup mode


13. Cycle-by-cycle current limit 

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Datasheet PDF Download :
SD6834 pdf

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