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Part Number : SAF7741
Function : Car radio Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
SAF7741 datasheet

Description :

The signal processing engine at the heart of today’s car radio units is often a dedicated car radio DSP from NXP. Our unique single-chip solutions replace fixed hardware design blocks with fully flexible DSP solutions. They give designers highly integrated, powerful and economical solutions that offer system and design flexibility by incorporating extensive functionality and including the most
advanced processing algorithms.

* Dual/Single, low-IF car radio and audio software DSP
* Low-IF concept for high performance at reduced system cost
* New PDC including IQC
* Dedicated dual digital radio interface to co-processors for HD Radio and DRM
* Supports co-processors for any digital radio standard such as DAB/DMB and SDARS

Datasheet PDF Download :
SAF7741 pdf

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