Part Number : RN5RG56AA-TL

Function : Voltage Regulator with external power transistor. Output voltage 5.6V. Taping type TL

Package : SOT-23-5 Type

Maker : RICOH Co.,Ltd.

Pinouts :
RN5RG56AA-TL datasheet

Description :

The RN5RG Series are voltage regulator ICs with an external power transistor with high output voltage accuracy and lowest supply current by CMOS process. Each of these voltage regulator ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier and resistors.

These ICs are suitable for constructing regulators with ultra-low dropout voltage and an output current in the range of several tens mA to several hundreds mA.

Furthermore, these ICs have a chip enable function, so that the supply current on standby can be minimized. Since the package for these ICs are SOT-23-5 (Mini-mold) package, high density mounting of the ICs  on boards is possible.

Block Diagram

Applications : 

• Power source for battery-powered equipment.

• Power source for cameras, VCRs, camcorders, hand-held audio instruments, and hand-held communication equipment.

• Power source for domestic appliances.

Datasheet PDF Download :
RN5RG56AA-TL pdf

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