Part Number : R5H30211

Function : Single-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) built around the H8/300H CPU.

Package : PVQN 20 Pin type

Maker : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
R5H30211 datasheet

Description :

This LSI is a single-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) built around the H8/300H CPU. Four I/O ports, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, a random number generator (RNG), a watchdog timer (WDT), a firewall management unit (FMU), interva timers (TMR1/TMR2), I2C bus interface (IIC2), synchronous serial communication unit (SSU), and a coprocessor are included.

Operating at a maximum 10-MHz internal clock rate, the H8/300H CPU rapidly executes bit manipulation instruction arithmetic and logic instructions, and data transfer instructions.
The on-chip coprocessor executes modular multiplications (such as ABR -1 modN + kN), which are used to calculate modular exponentiation X Y modN, and DES calculation processing at a high speed.

Datasheet PDF Download :
R5H30211 pdf

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