Part Number : OZ9936

Function : LCD Monitor CCFL Inverter Controller

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Maker : O2Micro International

Image :
OZ9936 datasheet

Description :

OZ9936 operates at a constant operating frequency that eliminates any undesired interference between the controller and LCD panel. OZ9936 drives all types of CCFLs and is able to ignite positive impedance CCFLs.

Device provides a shutdown delay feature for input brownout condition. The control logic provides a regulated ignition voltage and appropriate protection for over voltage or over-current conditions.

Pinount : 

Features :

1. Supports both analog and external PWM dimming control

2. Shutdown delay for input brownout condition

3. Higher reliability and longer CCFL life

4. Supports multiple CCFLs

5. Minimum external components

Block Diagram

Datasheet PDF Download :
OZ9936 pdf

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