Part Number : NJM12904

Function : Single Supply Dual Amplifier

Package : DIP, SOP 8 Pin, ZIP 8 Pin Type

Maker : Japan Radio Corporation

Pinouts :
NJM12904 datasheet

Description :

The NJM12904 is a single-supply dual operational amplifier, which can operate from 2V supply.The features are low offset voltage, low bias current.

The package lineup is DIP, SIP, DMP and others compact so that the NJM12904 is suitable for audio for low voltage operation and any other kind of signal amplifier.


1. Operating Voltage +2V to +14V 

2. Input Offset Voltage 5mV max. 

3. Slew Rate 0.7V/µs typ. 

4. Operating Current 0.7mA typ. 

5. Bipolar Technology

Datasheet PDF Download :
NJM12904 pdf

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