Part Number : MC14013

Function : Dual Type D Flip-Flop

Package : TSSOP 14 Pin type

Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
MC14013 datasheet

Description :

The MC14013 dual type D flip−flop is constructed with MOS P−channel and N−channel enhancement mode devices in a single monolithic structure. Each flip−flop has independent Data, (D), Direct Set, (S), Direct Reset, (R), and Clock (C) inputs and complementary outputs (Q and Q). These devices may be used as shift register elements or as type T flip−flops for counter and toggle applications.


Block Diagram


1. Static Operation

2. Diode Protection on All Inputs

3. Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc

4. Logic Edge−Clocked Flip−Flop Design

Datasheet PDF Download :
MC14013 pdf

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