Part Number : MC10H176L

Function : Hex D Master-Slave Flip-Flop / Power Dissipation 460 mW

Package : DIP 16 Pin Type

Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
MC10H176L datasheet

Description :

The MC10H176, MC10H176L contains six master slave type D flip−flops with a common clock. This MECL 10H part is a functional/pinout duplication of the standard MECL 10K family part, with 100% improvement in clock frequency and propagation delay and no increase in power−supply current.


1. Propagation Delay, 1.7 ns Typical
2. Power Dissipation, 460 mW Typical
3. Improved Noise Margin 150 mV (Over Operating Voltage and Temperature Range)
4. Voltage Compensated
5. MECL 10K Compatible
6. Pb−Free Packages are Available*

Datasheet PDF Download :
MC10H176L pdf

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