Part Number : MAX746

Function : N-channel DC-DC Controller / Low 950µA Supply Current

Package : DIP, SO 16 Pin

Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX746 datasheet

Description :

The MAX746 is a high-efficiency, high-current, step-down DC-DC power-supply controller that drives external N-channel FETs. It provides 93% to 96% efficiency from a 6V supply voltage with load currents ranging from 50mA up to 3A.

It uses a pulse-width-modulating (PWM) current-mode control scheme to provide precise output regulation and low output noise. The MAX746's 4V to 15V input voltage range, fixed 5V/adjustable (Dual-ModeTM ) output, and adjustable current limit make this device ideal for a wide range of applications.

High efficiency is maintained with light loads due to a proprietary automatic pulse-skipping control (Idle-ModeTM) scheme that minimizes switching losses by reducing the switching fre
quency at light loads. The low 950µA quiescent current and ultra-low 1.4µA shutdown current further extend battery life.

Applications : 

1. Notebook/Laptop Computers

2. Personal Digital Assistants

3. Battery-Operated Equipment


4. Cellular Phones

Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX746 pdf

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