Part Number : MAX232

Function : +5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Driver / Receiver

Package : SOP, DIP 16 Type

Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX232 datasheet

Description :

The MAX220 Thru MAX249, MAX232 family of line drivers/receivers is intended for all EIA/TIA-232E and V.28/V.24 communications interfaces, particularly applications where ±12V is not available.

These parts are especially useful in battery-powered systems, since their low-power shutdown mode reduces power dissipation to less than 5µW. The MAX225, MAX233, MAX235, and MAX245/MAX246/MAX247 use no external components and are recommended for applications where printed circuit board space is critical.


1. Battery-Powered RS-232 Systems
2. Interface Translation
3. Low-Power Modems
4. Multidrop RS-232 Networks
5. Portable Computing

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Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX232 pdf

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