Part Number : LX1684

Function : Voltage-Mode PWM Controller

Package : SOIC 14 Pin Type

Maker : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :
LX1684 datasheet

Description :

The LX1684 is a monolithic, voltage mode pulse-width modulator controller. It is designed to implement a flexible, low cost buck (step-down) regulator supply with a minimal of external components.

Applications Circuit : 

Features : 

1. Fixed 175kHz Switching Frequency

2. Constant Frequency Voltage-Mode Control Requires No External Compensation

3. Hiccup-Mode Over-Current Protection

4. High Efficiency

5. Output Voltage Set By Resistor Divider

6. Under-Voltage Lockout


7. Soft-Start And Enable

Datasheet PDF Download :
LX1684 pdf

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