Part Number : LV4900H

Function : Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

Package : HSOP 36 Pin type

Maker : SANYO , Panasonic

Image :
LV4900H datasheet

Description :

The LV4900H is a 10W per channel stereo digital power amplifier that takes analog inputs. The LV4900H uses unique SANYO-developed feedback technology to achieve excellent audio quality despite being a class D amplifier and can be used to implement high quality flat display panel (FDP) based systems.

Features : 

• Supports circuit designs that do not require output LC filters

• BTL output, class D amplifier system

• Unique SANYO-developed feedback technology achieves superb audio quality

• High-efficiency class D amplifier


• Soft muting function reduces impulse noise at power on/off

Datasheet PDF Download :
LV4900H pdf

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