Part Number : LT1014

Function : Quad Precision Op Amp (LT1014) / Dual Precision Op Amp (LT1013)

Package : DIP 14 Pin Type

Maker : Linear Technology

Pinouts :
LT1014 datasheet

Description :

The LT1014 is the first precision quad operational amplifier which directly upgrades designs in the industry standard 14-pin DIP LM324 / LM348 / OP-11 / 4156 pin configuration.

It is no longer necessary to compromise specifications, while saving board space and cost, as compared to single operational amplifiers.


1. Single Supply Operation

  (1) Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground

  (2) Output Swings to Ground While Sinking Current

2. Pin Compatible to 1458 and 324 with Precision Specs

3. Guaranteed Offset Voltage : 150μV Max

4. Guaranteed Low Drift : 2μV/°C Max

5. Guaranteed Offset Current : 0.8nA Max

Datasheet PDF Download :
LT1014 pdf

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