Part Number : LM5030

Function : 100V Push-Pull Current Mode PWM Controller

Package : SOP 10 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
LM5030 datasheet

Description :

The LM5030 High Voltage PWM controller contains all of the features needed to implement Push-Pull and Bridge topologies, using current-mode control in a small 10 pin package. This device provides two alternating gate driver outputs. The LM5030 includes a high-voltage start-up regulator that operates over a wide input range of 14V to 100V. Additional features include: error amplifier, precision reference, dual mode current limit, slope compensation, softstart, sync capability and thermal shutdown. This high speed IC has total propagation delays less than 100ns and a 1MHz capable single resistor adjustable oscillator.


• Internal High Voltage Start-up Regulator
• Single Resistor Oscillator Setting
• Synchronizable
• Error Amplifier
• Precision Reference
• Adjustable Softstart
• Dual Mode Over-Current Protection
• Slope Compensation
• Direct Optocoupler Interface
• 1.5A Peak Gate Drivers
• Thermal Shutdown

Datasheet PDF Download :
LM5030 pdf

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