Part Number : LA1185

Function : FM front-end for radio-cassette recorder, home stereo application

Package : SIP 9 Pin Type

Maker : SANYO , Panasonic

Pinouts :
LA1185 datasheet

Description : 

The LA1185 is an FM receiver front-end IC for radio-cassette recorder, music center applications. Its mixer is of double-balanced type. The built-in oscillator and buffer amplifier improves the strong input characteristic.

Functions and Features

1. RF amplifier, mixer, local oscillator

2. Improvement in cross modulation characteristics due to the use of double-balanced mixer.

3. Improvement in strong input characteristic.

4. Minimum number of external parts required.

5. Less spurious radiation from local oscillator.

6. Operating voltage range : 1.5 to 8.0 V


Datasheet PDF Download :
LA1185 pdf

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