Part Number : KX3001

Function : Synchronous Boost DC/DC Regulator

Package : SOT-23-6 Type

Maker :

Pinouts :
KX3001 datasheet

Description :

The KX3001 is high efficiency synchronous, PWM step-up DC/DC converters optimized to provide a high efficient solution to medium power systems. The devices work under the input voltage between 0.9V and 4.4V with a 1.4MHz fixed frequency switching. These features minimize overall solution footprint by allowing the use of tiny, low profile inductors and ceramic capacitors. Automatic PWM/PFM mode switching at light load saves power and improves efficiency.



1. Up to 94% Efficiency

2. Low voltage start-up : 0.9V

3. Shut-down current: < 1uA

4. Input voltage : 0.9V ~ 4.4V

5. Output voltage : 2.5V ~ 4.3V (Up to 5V with Schottky)

Datasheet PDF Download :
KX3001 pdf

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