Part Number : HA17555PS

Function : Precision Timer

Package : DIP 8 Pin type

Maker : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
HA17555PS datasheet

Description :

HA17555PS, HA17555 Series are ICs designed for accurate time delays or oscillations. It provides both of trigger terminal and reset terminal in order to enable a wide scope of application including Mono Multi Vibrator and Astable Multi Vibrator, and the number of external components is fewer. Further, it’s compatible with NE555 of singnetics.


• Mono multi vibrator can be constructed with one resistor and one capacitor.

• Astable multi vibrator can be constructed with two resistors and one capacitor.

• Delay time can be established widely from several μ seconds to several hours.

• Pulse Duty can be controlled.

• The maximum value of both sink current and source current is 200mA.


Block Diagram

Applications :
• Delay Time Generator (Mono Multi Vibrator)
• Pulse Generator (Astable Multi Vibrator)
• Pulse Width Modulator
• Pulse Location Modulator
• Miss Pulse Detector

Datasheet PDF Download :
HA17555PS pdf

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