Part Number : ESD-FPL-27-8

Function : Solid / Split Cares for Flat Cable

Maker : NEC , ToKin

Image :
ESD-FPL-27-8 datasheet

Description :

1. Characteristics and how to count turns

Number of turns are counted by how many times the lead wire passes through the inner

hole of the core. Do not count the number of lead wire winding outside the core, as it results

in different turn count. 

2. When desired performance can not be obtained just by 1 turn, impedance characteristics

value can be raised by increasing the turn. In this case, the effective frequency band should

be checked that it is in the desired range as adding turns results in lowering down the


effective band range. 

Datasheet PDF Download :
ESD-FPL-27-8 pdf

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