Part Number : EG8010

Function : SPWM - Single-phase pure sine wave inverter ASIC

Package : LQFP 32 Type

Maker : EG Micro

Image :
EG8010 datasheet

Description :

EG8010 is a digital and fully functional pure sine wave inverter generator chip with dead zone control. It is used in DC-DC-AC two-stage power conversion architecture or DC-AC single-stage power frequency transformer boost conversion The architecture, with an external 12MHz crystal oscillator, can realize a pure sine wave 50Hz or 60Hz inverter chip with high precision, low distortion and harmonics.

The chip adopts CMOS process, internal integrated SPWM sine generator,


Dead time control circuit, amplitude factor multiplier, soft start circuit, protection circuit, RS232 serial communication interface and 12832 serial LCD drive module and other functions. 

1. 5V single power supply
2. pin set four kinds of pure sine wave output frequency:
 - 50Hz fixed frequency pure sine wave
 - 60Hz fixed frequency pure sine wave
 - 0-100Hz pure sine wave frequency is adjustable
 - 0-400Hz pure sine wave frequency is adjustable
 - unipolar and bipolar modulation mode


Pinouts : 

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EG8010 pdf

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