Part Number : DSM2190F4V


Package : QFP 52 Pin type

Maker : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :
DSM2190F4V datasheet

Description :

The DSM2190F4, DSM2190F4V is a system memory device for use with the Analog Devices ADSP-2191 DSP. DSM means Digital signal processor System Memory. A DSM device brings In-System Programmable (ISP) Flash memory, parameter storage, programmable logic, and additional I/O to DSP systems. The result is a simple and flexible two-chip solution for DSP designs. DSM devices provide the flexibility of Flash memory and smart JTAG programming techniques for both manufacturing and the field.


1. Glueless Connection to DSP
– Easily add memory, logic, and I/O to the External Port of ADSP-2191 DSP

2. Dual Flash Memories
– Two independent Flash memory arrays for storing DSP code and data. DSP may access the
two arrays concurrently (read from one while erasing or writing the other)
– 256K x 8 Main Flash memory divided into 8 sectors (32KByte each)
– Ample storage for booting DSP code/data upon reset and subsequent code swaps
– Large capacity for data recording

3. Up to 16 Multifunction I/O Pins
– Increase total DSP system I/O capability
– I/O controlled by DSP software or PLD logic

4. General purpose PLD
– Over 3,000 Gates of PLD with 16 macro cells
– Use for peripheral glue logic to keypads, control panel, displays, LCDs, and other devices
– Eliminate PLDs and external logic devices
– Create state machines, chip selects, simple shifters and counters, clock dividers, delays
– Simple PSDsoft Express

5. In-System Programming (ISP) with JTAG
– Program entire chip in 10-25 seconds with no in volvement of the DSP
– Links with ADSP-2191 JTAG debug port
– Eliminate sockets for pre-programmed memory and logic devices
– ISP allows efficient manufacturing and product testing supporting Just-In-Time inventory
– Use low-cost FlashLINK TMcable with PC

6. Content Security
– Programmable Security Bit blocks access of device programmers and readers

7. Zero-Power Technology
– As low as 25µA standby current

Datasheet PDF Download :
DSM2190F4V pdf

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