Part Number : D17P137ACT


Package : DIP, SOP 28 Pin Type

Maker : NEC , Renesas Technology

Pinouts :
D17P137ACT datasheet

Description :

The µPD17134A, D17P137ACT subseries is a 4-bit single-chip microcontroller employing the 17K architecture and containing an 8-bit A/D converter (4 channels), a timer (3 channels), an AC zero cross detector, a power-on reset circuit, and a serial interface.

The µPD17P136A and 17P137A are the one-time PROM version of the µPD17136A and 17137A, respectively, and are suitable for program evaluation at system development and for small-scale production. 

Features : 

1. Data memory (RAM): 112 x 4 bits

2. A/D converter: 4 channels (8-bit resolution, successive approximation type)

3. Timer: 3 channels (8-bit timer/counter ´ 2 channels, basic interval timerNote)

4. Serial interface: 1 channel (clocked 3-wire mode)

Application : 

• Electronic thermos bottle

• Rice cooker

• Audio equipment

• Battery charger

• Printer


• Plain Paper Copier

Datasheet PDF Download :
D17P137ACT pdf

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