Part Number : CSC2313F

Function : Digital stereo sound with loudness control processor

Package : SO 28 Pin type

Maker : Crystal Source Microelectronics

Image :
CSC2313F datasheet

Description :

CSC2313F is a set of volume, tone, balance and front left and right channel volume control for the integration of high-quality audio processor.

It applies On the car radio and hi-fi sound system. This product provides selectable input gain and external loudness function, and serial I microprocessor I2C Bus interface control.


Features :

1. Input multiplexing:
  (1) 3 stereo inputs
  (2) Selectable input gain that is optimally adapted to different audio sources
2. With loudness function
3. With volume control (1.25dB per level)
4. Treble and bass control
5. Four horn attenuators:
  (1) Four independent speaker equalization and volume control devices
  (2) Independent mute function
6. All functions can be programmed through the serial I2C bus 

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Datasheet PDF Download :
CSC2313F pdf

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