Part Number : CA723

Function : Voltage regulator

Package : DIP 14 Pin, 10 Pin Can Type

Maker : Harris Semiconductor

Pinouts :
CA723 datasheet

Description :

The CA723 and CA723C are silicon monolithic integrated circuits designed for service as voltage regulators at output voltages ranging from 2V to 37V at currents up to 150mA.

Each type includes a temperature-compensated reference amplifier, an error amplifier, a power series pass transistor, and a current-limiting circuit. They also provide independently acces sible inputs for adjustable current limiting and remote shutdown and, in addition, feature low standby current drain, low temperature drift, and high ripple rejection.

2V to 37V at output currents up to 150mA without external pass transistor.


1. Up to 150mA Output Current

2. Positive and Negative Voltage Regulation

3. Regulation in Excess of 10A with Suitable Pass Transistors

4. Input and Output Short-Circuit Protection


5. Load and Line Regulation

Datasheet PDF Download :
CA723 pdf

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