Part Number : B850XK6-6.0

Marking : C4Z

Function :  Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode

Package : Surface Mount

Maker : Bay Linear

Pinouts :
B850XK6-6.0 datasheet

Description :

The B850XK6-6.0, B-8250 line of zero bias Schottky detector diodes by Bay Linear have been engineered for use in small signal (Pin<-20 dBm) applications at frequencies below 2.0 GHz. The ideal applications are for RF/ID and RF Tags where primary (DC bias) power is not available.

At Bay Linear, our commitment to quality components gives our customers a reliable second source of products, which are tested at a more stringent level than our competitors. Manufacturing techniques assure that when two diodes are mounted into a single package they are taken from adjacent sites on the wafer.

In cross referenced parts, we guarantee pin to pin compatibility. The various package configurations available provide a low cost solution to a wide variety of design problems.


• High Detection Sensitivity : up to 50mV/μW at 915 MHz

• Low Flicker Noise: -165 dBV/Hz at 100Hz

• Low reverse leakage

• Matched Diodes

• High Thermal Conductivity for greater Power

Datasheet PDF Download :
B850XK6-6.0 pdf

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