Part Number : B4252CK5-4.5

Function : 4.5V, 250mA, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Maker : Bay Linear

Pinouts :
B4252CK5-4.5 datasheet

Description :

The B4252CK5-4.5, B4252 series are a group of positive output voltage, five-pin regulators, which provide a high current even when the input/output voltage differential is small. Low power consumption and high accuracy is achieved though CMOS and programmable fuse technologies.

Output voltage: 2.0V to 6.0V in 0.1V increments. The B4252 consists of a high-precision voltage
reference, an error correction circuit, and a current limited output driver. Key features include a Shutdown Pin that reduces supply current to 0.5µA max and a 470pF Bypass input to ground reduces noise present on the internal reference, which in turn significantly reduce output noise. If output noise is not concern, this input maybe left unconnected. Larger capacitor values cap be used, but results in longer time period to rated output voltage when power initially applied.

Datasheet PDF Download :
B4252CK5-4.5 pdf

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