Part Number : AD7441

Function : Pseudo Differential Input, 1 MSPS, 10-Bit, ADC

Package : 8-Lead,  SOT-23 Type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD7441 datasheet

Description :

The AD7441 / AD7451 are, respectively, 10-/12-bit high speed,low power, single-supply, successive approximation (SAR), analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that feature a pseudo differential analog input. These parts operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.25 V power supply and achieve very low power dissipation at high throughput rates of up to 1 MSPS.

The AD7441 / AD7451 contain a low noise, wide bandwidth, differential track-and-hold (T/H) amplifier that handles input frequencies up to 3.5 MHz. The reference voltage for these devices is applied externally to the VREFpin and can range from 100 mV to VDD, depending on the power supply and what suits the application.


1. Fast throughput rate: 1 MSPS
2. Specified for VDDof 2.7 V to 5.25 V
3. Low power at maximum throughput rate:
     (1) 4 mW maximum at 1 MSPS with VDD= 3 V
     (2) 9.25 mW maximum at 1 MSPS with VDD= 5 V
3. Pseudo differential analog input
4. Wide input bandwidth : 70 dB SINAD at 100 kHz input frequency
5. Flexible power/serial clock speed management
6. High speed serial interface:
7. Power-down mode: 1 μA maximum


1. Transducer interface
2. Battery-powered systems
3. Data acquisition systems
4. Portable instrumentation

Datasheet PDF Download :
AD7441 pdf

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