Part Number : AD404M42VT

Function : The device CMOS Dynamic RAM

Package : TSSOP 26 Pin type

Maker : Ascend Semicondcutor

Pinouts :
AD404M42VT datasheet

Description :

The device CMOS Dynamic RAM organized as 4,194,304 words x 4 bits with extended data out access mode.

It is fabricated with an advanced submicron CMOS technology and designed to operate from a  ingle 3.3V oniy power supply.

Low voltage operation is more suitable to be used on battery backup, portable electronic application. lt is packaged in JEDEC standard 26/24-pin plastic SOJ or TSOP(II).

Features : 

1. Single 3.3V only power supply


2. High speed tRAC acess time: 50/60ns

3. Extended - data - out(EDO) page mode access

4. I/O level: CMOS level (Vcc = 3.3V)


5. 2048 refresh cycle in 32 ms(Std.) or 128 ms(S-version)

Datasheet PDF Download :
AD404M42VT pdf

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