Part Number : 12C5204AD

Function : MCU (Microcontroller) -----> STC12C5204AD

Package : DIP 20 Pin Type

Maker : STC

Pinouts :
12C5204AD datasheet

Description :

12C5204AD is single-chip microcontroller based on a high performance 1T architecture 80C51 CPU, which is produced by STC MCU limitd.

Features :

1. Fire-new product with high technology

2. Never used before, in a new condition

3. Meticulous workmanship guarantees the impeccable appearance and safe usage

4. Durable and reliable to use

5. Make processors with data processing ability get together

6. A powerful IC chip; also an ideal part for DIY projects Specifications

7. Parsts No. : STC12C5204AD

8. Package: DIP20

9 Brand: STC



Datasheet PDF Download :
12C5204AD pdf

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