Part Number : 10F200

Function : 8-Bit Flash Microcontroller

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type, SOT-23-6 Pin type

Maker : Microchip Technology

Pinouts :
10F200 datasheet

Description :

The PIC10F200 / PIC10F202 / PIC10F204 / PIC10F206 devices from Microchip Technology are low-cost, high-performance, 8-bit, fully static, Flash-based CMOS microcontrollers. They employ a RISC architecture with only 33 single-word/single-cycle instructions. All instructions are single cycle (1 us) except for program branches, which take two cycles.

The 10F200 / 10F202 / 10F204 / 10F206 devices deliver performance in an order of magnitude higher than their competitors in the same price category. The 12-bit wide instructions are highly symmetrical, result ing in a typical 2:1 code compression over other 8-bit microcontrollers in its class. The easy-to-use and easy to remember instruction set reduces development time significantly.


• Only 33 single-word instructions to learn

• All single-cycle instructions except for program branches, which are two-cycle

• 12-bit wide instructions

• 2-level deep hardware stack

Datasheet PDF Download :
10F200 pdf

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