Part Number : ZY0505BS-1W

Function : 1W Series of isolated power modules

Package : SIP 4 Pin

Maker : ZLG ( Guangzhou ZHIYUAN Electronics ) 

Pinouts :
ZY0505BS-1W datasheet

Description :

Constant voltage input, non-isolated power supply voltage output module efficiency. High Small size, High reliability, Impact resistance, Isolation characteristics, Wide temperature range. Standard Pin, flame retardant package.

Natural cooling, no external heat sink, No external other components can be used directly, Can be directly soldered Connected to PCB Board. Suitable for the switching power supply or other stable Voltage source power supply, The output ripple voltage and less demanding, Small electric Flow isolation and  DC-DC Voltage conversion applications, such as high-power IGBT Drive, Purely digital circuits, Ordinary low frequency analog circuits, RS232, RS485, CAN-bus Isolated 
communications systems, Circuit structure for the open-loop system.


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ZY0505BS-1W pdf

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