Part Number : ZJKD51R1-15
Function : 3-Terminal Filters for Signal Line and DC Power Line SIP
Maker : TDK Corporation

Pinouts :
ZJKD51R1-15 datasheet

Description : FEATURES
• These SIP type EMC filters provide superior attenuation capabilities from MF to VHF bands. They are particularly effective in the microcomputer frequency range, where they provide attenuation characteristics far superior to tantalum
• Its SIP type structure allows a wide variety of applications to IC substates.
• The use of chip capacitors results in a high degree of miniaturization, enabling these parts to be used in high-density circuit board designs.
• Transfer molding is used to strengthen types -00 and -05.

. OA equipment (Computers, terminal equipment, word processors, facsimiles, etc.)
. FA equipment (Robots, NC manufacturing machineries, process controllers, etc.)
. AE equipment (Automotive engine control units, etc.)
. HE equipment (Personal computers and micro computerized digital equipment)
Datasheet PDF Download :
ZJKD51R1-15 pdf

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