Part Number : XR21V1412
Function : 2-CH FULL-SPEED USB UART / 32-pin QFN package
Maker : Exar Corporation

Pinouts :
XR21V1412 datasheet

Description :

The XR21V1412 (V1412) is an enhanced 2-channel Universal  Asynchronous  Receiver and Transmitter (UART)  with  a  USB  interface.  The  USB  interface  is fully  compliant  to  Full  Speed  USB  2.0  specification that  supports  12  Mbps  USB  data  transfer  rate. 

The USB  interface  also  supports  USB  suspend,  resume and remote wakeup operations. The  V1412  operates  from  an  internal  48MHz  clock therefore no external crystal/oscillator is required as in  previous  generation  UARTs. 

With  the  fractional baud rate generator, any baud rate can accurately be generated using the internal 48MHz clock.


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XR21V1412 pdf

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