Part Number : UPG103B

Function : Low Noise Wide-Band Amplifier / 4dB TYP at. f = 1 GHz

Package : TO-72 Type

Maker : NEC , Renesas Technology

Pinouts :
UPG103B datasheet

Description :

The UPG103 is a GaAs monolithic intergrated circuit designed as a low noise amplifier from 60 MHz to 3 GHz.

The device is most suitable for the IF stage of microwave communication and measurement equipment.

They are easily cascadable for higher gain. It is available in chip, UPG103P, and two(2) package styles: UPG103A, a 4pin can and UPG103B, an 8 lead ceramic flat package for surface mount.

All devices can be screened for hi-rel applications.


• Ultra wide band : f = 50 MHz to 3 GHz

• Input/output impedance matched to 50 W

• Hermetic sealed ceramic package assures high reliability 

Datasheet PDF Download :
UPG103B pdf

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