Part Number : UF520
Function : 5A,100V-200V Ularafast Rectifier in DO201AD package. / Vf = 0.95V, Trr = 30.00ns
Maker : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :
UF520 datasheet

Description :
5A,100V-200V ularafast rectifier in DO201AD package.


 Electrical Rating   Symbol   Min   Typ   Max   Unit
 Forward Voltage  VF      0.95  V
 Junction Capacitance  CJ    58.00    pF
 Reverse Current  IR      10.00  µA
 Reverse Recovery Time  trr      30.00  ns



 Maximum Electrical Rating   Symbol   Min   Typ   Max   Unit
 Forward Current (Surge Peak)  IFSM      175.00  A
 Output Current  IO      5.00  A
 Working Peak Reverse Voltage  VRWM      200.00  V

Datasheet PDF Download :
UF520 pdf

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