Part Number : TPS65310A-Q1

Function : High-Voltage Power-Management IC for Automotive Safety Applications

Package : 56-pin QFN (RVJ)

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
TPS65310A-Q1 datasheet

Description :

The TPS65310A-Q1 device is a power management unit, meeting the requirements of digital signal processor (DSP) controlled automotive systems (for example, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

With the integration of commonly used features, the TPS65310A-Q1 device significantly reduces board space and system costs.


1. Single Output Synchronous Buck Controller

  (1) Peak Gate Drive Current 0.6 A

  (2) 490-kHz Fixed Switching Frequency

  (3) Pseudo-Random Frequency-Hopping Spread

  (4) Spectrum or Triangular Mode

2. Dual Synchronous Buck Converter

  (1) Designed for Output Currents up to 2 A

  (2) Out-of-Phase Switching

  (3) Switching Frequency: 0.98 MHz

3. Adjustable 350-mA Linear Regulator

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