Part Number : TPS59641
Function : Dual-Channel (3-Phase CPU/1-Phase GPU) SVID, D-CAP+ Step-Down Controller for IMVP-7 Vcore
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
TPS59641 datasheet

Description :

The TPS51640A, TPS59640 and TPS59641 are dual-channel, fully SVID compliant IMVP-7 step-down controllers with two integrated gate drivers. Advanced control features such as D-CAP+ architecture with overlapping pulse support (undershoot reduction, USR) and overshoot reduction (OSR) provide fast transient response, lowest output capacitance and high efficiency. All of these controllers also support single-phase operation for light loads.

Intel IMVP-7 Serial VID (SVID) Compliant

  • Supports CPU and GPU Outputs
  • CPU Channel 1, 2, or 3 Phase
  • Single-Phase GPU Channel
  • Full IMVP-7 Mobile Feature Set Including Digital Current Monitor
  • 8-Bit DAC with 0.250-V to 1.52-V Output Range

Datasheet PDF Download :
TPS59641 pdf

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