Part Number : TPS5430
Maker : Texas Instruments

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TPS5430 datasheet

Description :

The TPS5430/TPS5431 is a high-output-current PWM converter that integrates a low resistance high side N-channel MOSFET. Included on the substrate with the listed features are a high performance voltage error amplifier that provides tight voltage regulation accuracy under transient conditions; an undervoltage-lockout circuit to prevent start-up until the input voltage reaches 5.5 V; an internally set slow-start circuit to limit inrush currents; and a voltage feed-forward circuit to improve the transient response. Using the ENA pin, shutdown supply current is reduced to 18 μA typically. Other features include an active-high enable, overcurrent limiting, overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown. To
reduce design complexity and external component count, the TPS5430/TPS5431 feedback loop is internally compensated. The TPS5431 is intended to operate from power rails up to 23 V. The TPS5430 regulates a wide variety of power sources including 24-V bus.

• Wide Input Voltage Range:
– TPS5430: 5.5 V to 36 V
– TPS5431: 5.5 V to 23 V
• Up to 3-A Continuous (4-A Peak) Output Current
• High Efficiency up to 95% Enabled by 110-mΩ Integrated MOSFET Switch
• Wide Output Voltage Range: Adjustable Down to 1.22 V with 1.5% Initial Accuracy
• Internal Compensation Minimizes External Parts Count
• Fixed 500 kHz Switching Frequency for Small Filter Size
• Improved Line Regulation and Transient Response by Input Voltage Feed Forward
• System Protected by Overcurrent Limiting, Overvoltage Protection and Thermal Shutdown
• –40°C to 125°C Operating Junction Temperature Range
• Available in Small Thermally Enhanced 8-Pin SOIC PowerPAD™ Package

• Consumer: Set-top Box, DVD, LCD Displays
• Industrial and Car Audio Power Supplies
• Battery Chargers, High Power LED Supply
• 12-V/24-V Distributed Power Systems

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TPS5430 pdf

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