Part Number : TPS53317
Function : 6-A Output, D-CAP+ Mode, Synchronous Step-Down Integrated-FET Converter for DDR Memory Termination
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
TPS53317 datasheet

Description :

The TPS53317 is a FET-integrated synchronous buck regulator designed mainly for DDR termination. It can provide a regulated output at ½ V DDQ with both sink and source capability.

The TPS53317 employs D-CAP+ mode operation that provides ease of use, low external component count and fast transientresponse. It can also be used for other POL regulation applications requiring up to 6 A.

In addition, the TPS53317 supports full, 6-A, output sinking current capability with tight voltage regulation.

Datasheet PDF Download :
TPS53317 pdf

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