Part Number : TPD1S514
Function : USB Charger with Over Voltage, Surge and ESD Protection for VBUS_CON Pin
Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
TPD1S514 datasheet

Description :

The TPD1S514 is a single-chip protection solution for the USB V BUS line or other power buses.

The bidirectional nFET switch ensures safe current flow in both charging and host mode while protecting the internal system circuits from any over voltage condition at the V
BUS_CON pin.

On the V BUS_CON pin, this device can handle over voltage protection up to
30-V DC. After the EN pin toggles low, the TPD1S514 waits 20 ms before turning ON the nFET through a soft start delay.

TPD1S514 can be factory programmed to multiple V
OVP , start up and soft start delay combinations.

Datasheet PDF Download :
TPD1S514 pdf

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