Part Number : SSD1815B

Function : LCD Module ( 132 x 65 bits Graphic Display Data RAM ) 

Maker : Solomon Systech

Image :
SSD1815B datasheet

Description :

SSD1815B is a single-chip CMOS LCD drivers with controllers for dot-matrix graphic liquid crystal display system. SSD1815B is capable to drive 132 Segments, 64 Commons and 1 icon line by its 197 high voltage driving output.

SSD1815B display data directly from their internal 132 x 65 bits Graphic Display Data RAM (GDDRAM). Data/Commands are sent from common MCU through 8-bit Parallel or Serial Interface. The selection of whether 6800- or 8080-series compatible
Parallel Interface or Serial Peripheral Interface is done by hardware pins configuration.


1. Dot-matrix Display with separated Icon Line, 132 x 64 + 1 Icon Line

2. Single Supply Operation, 2.4V ~ 3.5V

3. Minimum -12.0V LCD Driving Output Voltage

4. Low Current Sleep Mode

5. On-Chip Voltage Generator or External LCD Driving Power Supply Selectable

Datasheet PDF Download :
SSD1815B pdf

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