Part Number : SS6610

Function : High Efficiency Synchronous Step-up DC/DC Converter

Package : MSOP-8 type

Maker : Silicon Standard

Pinouts :
SS6610 datasheet

Description :

The SS6610 / SS6611 are high-efficiency step-up DC/DC converters, with a start-up voltage aslow as 0.8V, and anoperating voltage down to0.7V.

Consumingonly 20µA of  quiescentcurrent, these devices includea built-in synchronous rectifier that reduces size and costby eliminating the need for an external Schottky diode, and improves  overall  efficiency byminimizing losses.


1. Quiescent supply current of 20mA.

2. Power-saving shutdown mode (0.1µA typical)

3. Internal synchronous rectifier (no external dioderequired)

4. On-chip low-battery detector

5. Low battery hysteresis

Applications : 

1. Palmtop & Notebook Computers

2. PDAs

3. Wireless Phones

4. Pocket Organizers.


5. Digital Cameras

Datasheet PDF Download :
SS6610 pdf

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