Part Number : SP3012
Function : SP3012 Series 0.5pF DiodeArray for USB3.0
Maker : Littelfuse, Inc

Pinouts :
SP3012 datasheet

Description :

The SP3012 Series integrates either 3, 4 or 6 channels of ultra low capacitance rail-to-rail diodes and an additional zener diode to provide protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD).

These robust devices can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes above the maximum level specified in the IEC61000-4-2 international standard (±8kV contact discharge) without performance degradation.

The extremely low loading capacitance also makes it ideal for protecting high speed signal lines such as USB3.0, HDMI, USB2.0, and eSATA.

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SP3012 pdf

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