Part Number : SP213EHCA-L
Function : High speed +5V high performance RS232 transceivers
Maker : Exar Corporation

Pinouts :
SP213EHCA-L datasheet

Description : ■ Single +5V Supply Operation
■ 0.1μF External Charge Pump Capacitors
■ 500kbps Data Rate Under Load
■ Standard SOIC and SSOP Footprints
■ Lower Supply Current Than Competition(typical 3mA)
■ 1μA Shutdown Mode
■ Wake-Up Feature in Shutdown Mode
■ Tri-State Receiver Outputs
■ Ideal for High Speed RS-232 Applications
■ Improved ESD Specifications:

+-5kV Human Body Model
+-5kV IEC 6000-4-2 Air Discharge
+-8kV IEC 6000-4-2 Contact Discharge
Datasheet PDF Download :
SP213EHCA-L pdf

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