Part Number : SN8P2613

Function : SONiX 8-Bit Micro-Controller

Maker : Sonix Technology Co., Ltd

Pinouts :
SN8P2613 datasheet

Description :

The SN8P2613 is a RISC-like high performance and low power consumption 8-bit micro-controller. One clock per instruction cycle (1T) architecture will provide up to 16MIPS computation power.
Also, the high EFT (Electrical Fast Transients) protection capability let this device is suitable for high noisy industrial application.


*  Memory configuration
OTP ROM size: 2K * 16 bits. 
RAM size: 64 * 8 bits. 
Four levels stack buffer 

*  I/O pin configuration
Bi-directional: P0, P1, P5.
Input only: P1.5.
Programmable open-drain: P1.0.
Wakeup: P0, P1 level change trigger 
Pull-up resisters: P0, P1, P5.
External Interrupt trigger edge:
P0.0 controlled by PEDGE register.
P0.1 is falling edge trigger only.

Datasheet PDF Download :
SN8P2613 pdf

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