Part Number : SH2002-DC90A
Function : Near edge thermal printhead (8dots / mm)
Maker : ROHM Semiconductor

Pinouts :
SH2002-DC90A datasheet

Description :

SH-DC90 series was developed with two key structures step-free and near edge for the packaging printer market which requires high speed continuous printing. It is suitable for printers in factory line where high speed 24 hours continuous printing is required.

. Applications
Bar code printers
Card printers
Ticket printers
General purpose compact printers

1) ROHM new technology “STEP FREE” structure will provide,high corrosion resistance, better resistance agains scratching damage, high efficiency.
2)  Inclined toward the printing surface to provide excellent printing quality even for cards and thick paper.
3)  Prints directly on printing medium that cannot be bent.
4)  Using a hard conductive film as a protective film on the heating element offers excellent resistance to electrostatic damage.
5)  Compatible with the SH3002-DC90A (300dpi) in mechanical specifications, to facilitate the making of a series of printers.

Datasheet PDF Download :
SH2002-DC90A pdf

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