Part Number : RN5VS27AC-TR
Maker : RICOH Co.,Ltd.

Pinouts :
RN5VS27AC-TR datasheet

Description :

The RN5VS Series are voltage detector ICs with high detector threshold accuracy and ultra-low supply current by CMOS process, which can be operated at an extremely low voltage and is used, for instance, for system reset. Each of these ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, a comparator, resistors for voltage detection, an output driver and a hysteresis circuit. The detector threshold is fixed with high accuracy.

The RN5VS Series are operable by a lower voltage than that for the R×5VL Series, and can be driven by a single battery. Two output types, Nch open drain type and CMOS type, are available. Since the package for these ICs are SOT-23-5 (Mini-mold) package, high density mounting of the ICs on board is possible.

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RN5VS27AC-TR pdf

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